About the Alpha Gameplay

04. Hunter

We have been asked several times what the actual typical gameplay of Dual Universe would be, how it would be played, in a very practical way. It’s of course too soon to give a lot of details about the numerous activities that will be possible within the game, but we thought it would be nice to go through like five typical minutes of the kind of gameplay you could experience on the surface of a planet. To start with, let’s talk a bit more about what we have in store for the alpha version, which will be made available next summer.

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Shape the Universe, Leave Your Mark.


What kind of game do we want to make? As it is often the case while designing a new game, our vision is a mix between the continuation of a tradition, and the exploration of new territories. We will talk here about the tradition, and what has inspired us. The genre to which we belong is one that has deep roots in the history of video games: the immersive sandbox games. In these games, players are set in a realistic world where everything – or almost – is possible, they are free to explore, and do what they like. In particular, there are two aspects to this freedom that we find essential: the emerging gameplay – the fact that the players collectively invent their own stories: no quest or scripted content – and the emerging world content, which means that players are free to build anything they want in the world. Two great games in particular are emblematic of those two aspects, let’s have a look at them.

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