A single-shard continuous universe: one world, no boundaries.


Dual Universe is what we call a Continuous Single-Shard universe. What does it mean? Basically, it means that there is only one world, one reality, shared between every player, and where people are free to move and gather as they see fit. It is what you would naturally expect from a persistent virtual world if you could forget about all the technical challenges that usually come in the way to implement such an idea (which are all very good reasons as to why you haven’t seen it in a game yet). To better understand where we stand, and what we have in mind (and currently in testing) to solve the underlying issues, let’s have first a look at the more usual ways MMOs are dealing with virtual worlds’ sharding.

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Arkship Security, or where does PvP start?

07. Secure Area-bis

While we will encourage and foster PvP activities in the Dual Universe, we also want to find a way to let less action-driven players, or simply beginners, to enjoy other types of gameplay. Some of those would incidentally be essential to the mechanisms of a player-driven economy. To give you a few examples, we could mention architectural/artistic and building activities, politics, science, exploration & research, or financial organizations. None of these can easily develop in a war zone. At the same time, we want rare resources to be hard to secure, exploring the unknown to be challenging, and territory control to be central for Alliances and Empires. How can we reconcile these two extremes?

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