Dual Universe Music: 2 soundtrack samples!


A few months ago, I met a young music composer who came to visit us at Novaquark. I heard some of the work he did before and I found it very good, perfectly in line with the spirit of the game. We discussed during half an hour, obviously sharing the same passion, when he finally told me: “well, in fact I started music when I was 5, won a gold medal from the conservatory in piano, training in orchestral direction, music composition and theory, and I’m playing four different instruments”.Well! That explained this talent I witnessed when I met Maxime Ferrieu, who has since agreed to become the composer for the music of Dual Universe!

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From Barter to Market Economy

Abstract techno background

In-game economy is a crucial aspect of any good MMO game. Very few games however take on the challenge of providing a very realistic, dynamic economy within the game, mostly because it is considered a bit too complicated. The traditional approach is to have a centralized auction system, accessible from various places, allowing people to sell their items to the best bidder. This is an oversimplification of the type of economic exchanges that can take place in a real world economy. Let’s look at how this is going to be handled in Dual Universe, and why it matters.

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