Dual Universe Music: 2 soundtrack samples!


A few months ago, I met a young music composer who came to visit us at Novaquark. I heard some of the work he did before and I found it very good, perfectly in line with the spirit of the game. We discussed during half an hour, obviously sharing the same passion, when he finally told me: “well, in fact I started music when I was 5, won a gold medal from the conservatory in piano, training in orchestral direction, music composition and theory, and I’m playing four different instruments”.Well! That explained this talent I witnessed when I met Maxime Ferrieu, who has since agreed to become the composer for the music of Dual Universe!

After his classical music studies (piano, orchestration and composition), Maxime started to work as a composer in the television industry. As a gamer himself, he had very early a natural interest for interactive music and sound design for video games. Following his experiences on several indie productions, he now joins the Dual Universe team excited by the concept and the artistic direction.

Maxime has already produced two tracks for Dual Universe that we are happy to share with you today as a winter holiday gift! one track is an ambient music, in the spirit of what you can hear during your space exploration in the game. The second one is a more action-driven track, typical of combat scenes. We hope you’ll enjoy this music and we will of course post more on a regular basis, on Facebook and Twitter.

And don’t forget to check from time to time our soundcloud page to see – or more exactly to listen – what has been uploaded recently.

Happy Winter Holidays!

JC Baillie,
Project Lead

8 thoughts on “Dual Universe Music: 2 soundtrack samples!

  1. I like the music, but I think you should make a music that is mor “epic” like star trek online did, wich I really appreciated and gave the game a satisfying evironement. But keep the style of that music, I really like it, It just misses a pinch of spice ;)

    I also thaught about an awesome mechanic: you could have a “radio” that broadcasts music and info, and it could be managed by players and/or AI and they would get money for it (in game) sine people with a radio in their ship would have to pay a bit to listen to it. The radio coud be calles QL-Radio (Quantum link radio) and could be used to tranfer data between drones and other things.

    • Hi Wicpar,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback (and the suggestions you’ve brought :))
      About the epicness in the music, well, we are still at the beginning of the soundtrack. All track samples can’t be epic. But we will keep in mind the idea ;)
      For the radio, this is also an excellent idea. Added to the list of cool features the team will discuss :)

      • Oh many Thanks I am happy I brought you these Ideas, Of course the music can’t be all epic, but I think it should adapt to the situations, like epic music for combat, star trek main theme like music for when you explore unknown territory, the current tracks are good for when you are exploring a dangerous area, with alien ai (something you would get in dungeons in other games), and It would be a nifty feature to give the user options to choose the type of music he wants in his town/city/starbase :) .
        I also got an idea for making procedural geerated music, I gave some thoughts on it some thougs the last years, but it would require an assistance of professional musicians to encode the patterns of music and associate them to different situations, and then associate the patterns with perlin noise like music generation and then using a music dev software sound library to then turn the data into real music. I really think it is possible and wouldn’t require much processing power (if computed in dedicated core, it is even less constraining). I made a word generation sofware earlyer this year (I stooped developping it since there was no download at all :/ but it generated cool random words, real random words, that do not exist but are pronounciable, you can try it if you run out of ideas for mineral or object names, it fully supports pre and suffixes, it is called WordToFind and is avaliable on the windows store, if you want, I can provide you with a nice desktop version :) (just mail me) if you are interrested in a more industrial generation of names, I can easely adapt it since I have the source laying around (I can even make you a c++/C/C#/java library if you are interrested)

        I hope this is usefull to you too.

      • While we have conventional music created and brought by the composer Maxime Ferrieu, we are also looking into procedurally generated music: we are currently discussing with a laboratory specialized in this field using Markov constraints :)

  2. I’m already drooling over what I’ve read… I am looking forward to this game… as I’ve spent already 3 years in STO :)

    p.s. Forums please :)

  3. I’m thinking a little Swedish Metal mixed in with that techno! LOL

    Awesome music though, I think many companies fail to realize how much their music will add to a game environment.

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