Dual Universe (Part 1)


“Sohan ‘« ‘° !, ;— Sohan Decker, /’ »° ° ; :…
Sohan Decker. Your neuronal system is reporting initial stages of activation in the frontal lobe. Can you confirm your cerebral awakening?”


“You have newly entered into a state of decryonization. Your body temperature is 32.4 degrees Celsius. Can you confirm the rebooting of your language center? If you understand the meaning of my words, respond ‘Yes.’”

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Territory Control

Territories are perhaps the single most important feature of a successful emergent geopolitics in the game. While the notion of a “construct” (a building, a ship, a space station, etc) properly conveys the idea of private property, it fails to extend to the level of a territory, which you can picture as a collective public property. How can players declare certains areas as their territory? What does it mean exactly? Do we need territories in space? What is the link with Organizations? How do you manage hierarchies of territories (think of cities, regions, states, alliances, etc). Can we set some territories as secure (non PVP)? Let’s have a look and try to describe how we envision all these crucial questions in Dual.

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