The first images of Dual Universe!


Today is an exciting day! We are proud to reveal the first images of Dual Universe, our futuristic MMORPG where players coexist in a single unbounded game universe (with no instances or loading zones), with the added ability to modify the game environment in ways never before seen on this scale and in such great detail.

The images below are all the first publicly available screenshots of the Dual Universe, all images were captured “in game” and represent the game engine and gameplay features in its current pre-alpha state. To put this into context, all the constructions can be built in game by players, all the terrains can be mined and terraformed by the players and all the distant planetary systems can be reached.

It all starts on a planet called Alioth, where, as the story goes, you step out of the arkship ready to embark on your adventure and rebuild civilization.

As you can see, there are several environments on the planet, like dense forest and arid desert. If you look to the sky you will see neighboring planets with their own unique biospheres awaiting to be explored. While we update the game, we will also add more and more diversity to the many different planet types, so explorers can be sure to encounter a rich and varied world full of surprises (we won’t say any more, because, you know, they are surprises!).

Dual Universe is, among many other things, a game where players can get creative and build things. Here is a typical situation where a group of players are collaborating and working together on the construction of an outpost.


As player’s ambitions grow and the materials required become more obtainable, cities and building will be built. The images below shows how the end result may look.

Then come the creation of ships and space stations! For example, you can build small personal spacecrafts…

…in which case you get a Cockpit UI when you enter one of these.

But you can also build far bigger, multiplayer ships…

…to the point where you can build really huge behemoths! This is something that has never been done in any builder game that we know of, especially not in a continuous single-shard MMO.  When we say “behemoth”, we mean a space station that is 1.5km long, entirely made with voxels, as in the images below.


Perhaps even more importantly than size, which of course matters, is the fact that multiplayer ships and orbital stations are inhabitable: you can walk in it, meet some friends in it, discuss, play and coordinate your actions with them.

You can see below a screenshot showing an interior command room of a space station.


Then, there is space. The big vast blackness of space interrupted by the enigmatic flickers of light from distant stars, each one representing a possible new world to explore and conquer. This exploration will most likely arrive in a later stage in the game, when players will have mastered the technologies for warp drives and even later, stargates. But we give you a taste of it, because we find it awe-inspiringly beautiful.


That’s it for now! We hope you like what you see. Again, remember that everything you see here is in-game, all constructions can be built and edited by players. Add the fact that everything takes place in the same continuous universe and we believe that we have a game that is really new and exciting. But the only thing that matters for us now is what you think! So feel free to give us feedback and suggestions. We won’t be able to integrate all ideas in the short time that separates us from the alpha, but we will keep in mind and care about everything you say.

By the way, we have a new official website.
If you haven’t seen it already, you will find more information about the game on it!

JC Baillie,
Project Lead.