Dual Universe at E3 PC Gaming Show!


We are extremely happy and proud to announce that we will be at the PC Gaming Show at E3 next Monday, on June 13th, 11:30PM/PST. The PC Gaming Show is a unique opportunity to showcase the exciting and cool projects being made on PC, with a very large live audience, also live streamed on Twitch.

I’ll be on stage for a short interview of a few minutes, which is a great way to introduce the core concept of the game and answer people questions. It’s very short, so we will be straight to the point: what is Dual Universe? What makes it unique? What’s the gameplay? Etc.

Keep an eye on the PC Gaming Show Twitch account, our Twitter account and our Facebook page because I have the feeling that something big could be revealed next Monday ;)

PS: As you can see, Novaquark is in very good company!


JC Baillie
Project Lead