Community Portal goes live!


We are extremely happy and excited to release today the first iteration of our community website:

In this site, you will be able to create a simple profile, that you will keep with you up to the Alpha and beyond, and also create organizations, post updates about what is going on, recruit, create stories, and start to shape your vision of the game roleplay. Let’s have a look at the feature we have for this first iteration of the site and what could come after.

The community website is a way to get you into roleplaying as soon as possible, and to centralize – in the future – all relevant information about existing characters and organizations in the game. We have seen that several people in the community have already started dedicated websites to advertise their corporation or guild, which is absolutely great! There is however no central hub to record all existing organizations, to have an idea of who is doing what or simply apply to join. That’s the goal of this community website, which will most likely not replace the existing dedicated organization websites, but could be the place where all organizations can interact with each other.

The “character” creation so far is very simple: you can write a text to describe your character, and upload an image to represent him/her. The most important aspect of the community website is more about “organizations”, which is the name for a generalization of “guild” or “corporation” in Dual Universe (check the previous devblog post on organizations for more). Once you have created your character, you can either create or join an organization.

Important note: if you have already a forum account, you can use it to log in on the Community Portal (you don’t have to create a new account).

We cannot yet implement the full complexity of the organization gameplay inside the website (even if ultimately, we would like it to be a perfect mirror of what will be in-game). We have just expressed two central notions: members and legates. If you create an organization, you are de facto the first and only legate. From this position, you can accept the request of other players to join the organization, and eventually promote them to legate status. Be careful of who you give with that privilege to, because for the moment, we have not yet implemented a way to demote a legate back to a member status. The reason why this is not yet done is that it implies a lot of feature on vote management to be able to make this properly. So, for the time being, a legate is forever! And it’s an important promotion because, as a legate, you will have the privilege of being able to accept new members, ban members, and post on the public wall of your organization. On the contrary, members can only post on the private wall (visible to all members).

The wall of an organization, divided into a public and private section, is a simplified facebook-like post system that allows to create posts containing text, images or videos, and allows people to comment on it, like it, etc. It’s a great way to start discussions topics in the private area, or to advertize important news to the world in the public area. We are working on a way to have private forums also, and a poll system. Your suggestions on what could be really useful at the organization level is most welcome, feel free to discuss your ideas on the forum (see link below).

Finally, players registered on the site will have access to a local email-like message system to start private discussions with each other, or be notified of pending applications for a given organization.

This community website is just a start, there still much work to do. But it is already your playground, a place to start to recruit, promote your ideas, start a grand project or vision. We can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with it, and what incredible organizations and stories you will invent!

JC Baillie,
Project Lead.