DevDiary – January 2017

We hope you all enjoyed the winter holidays!
As the end of January is approaching quickly, it’s time for a new DevDiary!

0:30 – Biome development: We’re excited to show off the improvements that have been made to the Desert Biome and thrilled to give you the first look at the Polar Biome!

0:42 – Global illumination: Great progress has been made and it will now be quite clear when the night comes (no pun intended). Even without a torch light activated, you’ll be able to see something.

0:53 – Building Mode: the Smoothing Tool is now functional and the jetpack can be used indefinitely as long as you stay in the building zone. The virtual grid has been also updated to make it more practical.

1:20 – Physics: a short hovercraft demo to show how we’ve implemented physics into Dual Universe. Engines now push for real, and you have to equilibrate the ship to take into account the physical force reality.

1:40 – A Work in Progress look at the new Nanoformer as well as scanner accessories.

1:54 – Live Test server: every member of the team can now connect and test gameplay and stability on a server running non stop and permanently crowded with hundreds of bots!

That’s all for now,
See you next month!

The Novaquark team