DevDiary – February 2017

We’re back from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. JC was there to meet various professionals and some of our backers during our Meet Up. We’re very happy since Dual Universe was chosen as one of eight ‘Best in Play Winners‘ for GDC Play 2017! Best in Play is a showcase of GDC Play’s finest games. All GDC Play exhibitors like us are judged on their in-development or complete games by a panel of veteran GDC organizers and Gamasutra editors.  We were also on stage on Tuesday, March 2nd to compete for the best pitch in the dedicated contest and we’re thrilled to tell you that we won!

While a little bit delayed due to the GDC, this new DevDiary is almost twice as big as the previous ones so we hope you’ll like it!

– GDC 2017 debriefing
0:40 – New design of ship Elements
0:55 – Example of single-player vehicles
1:09 – Example of a large spaceship, work in progress
1:17 – Copy/Paste Tool presentation
1:53 – Customizable Widgets, Fuel Indicator & Autonomy
2:34 – New baking rendering technique for planets
2:53 – First version of the game installer, loading screens & tooltips
3:09 – More info about the Alpha release

That’s all for now!
See you in a few weeks for the March DevDiary!

The Novaquark team