DevDiary – March 2017


As promised, we are back with a new DevDiary video! We are still tweaking the settings on our new capture tools,  but as you can see in today’s video the  frame rate is much better and it more closely represents the in-game frame rate. We’ll keep working on improving our videos to give you the best possible quality in the future. 


Here’s a quick summary of what you will find in this video:

0:32 – Cockpit Widget now displays basic flight information
0:48 – Physics improvements: atmospheric and spatial engines now take air friction into account.
1:00 – Physics improvements: reaching escape velocity & orbiting around a planet
1:14 – Interpolation improvements: movement of observed entities are now fluid
1:31 – New combinable Elements to create simple contraptions or useful construct interfaces
2:19 – New design for existing Elements (Artwork & 3D Models)
2:36 – Landing on a Flying Construct

That’s all for now!
See you soon for the next DevDiary video! :)

The Novaquark team