DevDiary – June 2017


We have a lot of great news and information to share with you this month. First, check out the video DevDiary and the exciting additions and progress we’re making on Dual Universe.

0:00 – Introduction
0:34 – Additional Voxel Tools
0:59 – Voxel Tool Locking on a 2D plane
1:28 – Remote Control Piloting
2:09 – Physics Mechanics Improvement
2:41 – Concentration of players / constructs
3:08 – New Concept Arts & 3D Elements
3:28 – Conclusion

Alioth’s Moon to Alioth Uncut Video

As promised last month, here’s an uncut sequence of a flight between Alioth’s Moon to Alioth itself. We hope you enjoy it!

That’s all for now!
Thank you for your support and as always, we are looking for your feedback!

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The Novaquark Team.