The first images of Dual Universe!


Today is an exciting day! We are proud to reveal the first images of Dual Universe, our futuristic MMORPG where players coexist in a single unbounded game universe (with no instances or loading zones), with the added ability to modify the game environment in ways never before seen on this scale and in such great detail.

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Dual Universe switches to Unigine 2!


Many of you have been waiting for quite some time to see the first in-game screenshots of Dual Universe! It’s coming soon, but one of the main reasons why we haven’t shown anything sooner is that we were working on a very big move: we have switched our underlying game engine from Unreal Engine 4 to Unigine 2. Let me say a few words about this decisive evolution.

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Monetization: player happiness and economic viability

Vintage video game with Insert Coin screen isolated on white

Today, we want to share with you our view on a delicate topic: how we plan to monetize our game. Monetizing an online game is a difficult exercise: if it’s not profitable, it dies quickly. If it’s overpriced, it turns off players and the game dies as well. Adding the fact that there is no monetization model fitting perfectly for every type of game… and this can give a quite serious headache to make it right, even when the guys in charge have experience in the field. Finding the adequate equilibrium is never easy. We have given a lot of thoughts on the topic, collected feedback from the community and listed a number of related critical points and checked how each model is adapted for each of them. We wanted to share our conclusion with you.

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Builder gameplay, Voxel Tools & Elements


In the past few weeks Dual Universe has been on occasion described as being mainly a PvP MMO. However Dual Universe is so much more than this: it has a rich “Builder” gameplay at its core, which is rather new in the MMO genre (at least at this scale). Specifically, this gameplay is not just a kind of single player experience added on top of a MMO, but takes an entirely new dimension because of the fact that you are building within a MMO that takes the word “massive” seriously. This is a crucial aspect, and is central to the emergent gameplay experience.

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LUA Script and Distributed Processing Units

Militrische Radar und Kommunikationszentrale

Big news! We just finished designing and implementing one of the most critical and distinguishing feature of Dual: the capability to script any construct that you make. A construct is anything that you build in the game, it can be a ship, a building, a space station, or whatever. It is a physical object, it can move, collide with stuff and potentially include hundreds of “Elements”, which are operational units that you can craft or buy, and freely position inside your construct to add functionalities to it. Examples of Elements are: propulsion engines, control units (computers), doors, weapons, batteries, containers, accelerometers, radars, targeters, drone bay, elevator, and many more. The way the construct orchestrates all these Elements is through scripts, and what we call “Distributed Processing Units”. Let’s dive into it, and see what it can do.

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Dual Universe (Part 5)


One month later

Everywhere Alioth grows populated. Cities and villages are born on the whole inhabitable surface. The first guerillas were born, the first battles. The first madmen greedy for power and resources established their little empires, enslaved villages, attacked isolated communities with their ships to raid them for raw materials, energy and constructs. A resistance is organized, but it is weak. As for me, I already want to leave and explore other planets, other horizons. With the five loyal pioneers who have become my friends, we were finishing our ship when I went out alone to explore a swampy area outside the circle controlled by the Novark.

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